Easter Crazy Golf

Easter Crazy Golf is a challenging but fun game similar to Crazy Golf. The players putt the ball through a series of obstacles in order to reach the Easter Eggs. This game is to be played outdoors.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 4 or more

Equipment: A number of small Easter eggs; one large Easter egg per player; a small ball (tennis ball or similar); something to hit the ball (a tennis racquet, broom, wooden spoon, or rolled up newspaper); objects to make the obstacle course with (flower pots, chair, boxes, tyre, sticks, shoes, etc.); tin can (with smooth edges to avoid cutting fingers and hands)

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To putt the ball from start to finish and collect the Easter eggs.

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Easter Crazy Golf

Easter Crazy Golf will need a fair bit of preparation beforehand to design and build the obstacle course. To keep the game more of a hunt, try and make the end of the course invisible to the players when they start.

1. Preparation for the game: Lay out the obstacle course and make it as imaginative and challenging as you can. For example, use flower pots to make zigzags, make tunnels through boxes and other objects, make a ramp using a piece of wood and landing on a brick; go between a pair of shoes, etc. The final hole will be a tin can on its side. Place one Easter egg per child in the tin can. After each obstacle (except for the final tin can), dig a shallow ditch in the ground with a number of small Easter eggs in the ditch. Click here for a printable version of this sample course.

2. Each player takes it in turn putting the ball from the starting point to the finish. As they go through each obstacle they must try and land the ball in the shallow ditch which has been dug immediately after the obstacle. If they do they can collect an Easter egg from the ditch. They can keep trying until they get the ball in the ditch. For the final Easter egg, they must successfully hit the ball into the tin can and then retrieve the egg out of the can.

3. Time each child to see who can do it in the fastest time, or who can complete the course with the least amount of strokes.

Variation: If there are a number of children playing Easter Crazy Golf, make two obstacle courses, divide everyone into two teams and have a relay race where the second player in a team starts the course after the first player finishes, and so on.

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