Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Here are some imaginative Easter egg hunt clues for exciting Easter hunt games. There are amusing picture, word and cryptic clues as well as secret codes to use for a fun-filled Easter egg hunt.

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You will find on this page the clues for all off our Easter egg hunts. Our Easter Egg Hunt Ideas page has an overview of all of our Easter egg hunt games. You may like to look at it first to get an idea of all the different games we have. All of our games are free! Click here to go to Easter Egg Hunt Ideas.

These clues are in age order from youngest players to oldest players. There are clues for: Bunny Hop, Easter Picture Hunt, Easter Clue Hunt, Resurrection Egg Hunt, Easter Storekeepers, Easter Treasure Hunt, Decipher the Code, and Easter Crazy Golf.

Click on the highlighted name of the game below and you will be taken to a page with complete instructions for the game.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop There are six versions of the bunny feet for you to print; the full colour version (shown) as well as blue, green, yellow, red and white bunny feet. Click on the links below to download a copy that you can print at home. If you have a mono laser printer, download the white bunny feet and colour them with pencils, crayons or marker pens.

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Easter Picture Hunt

Easter Picture Hunt Click here for a printable version of this and many other Easter Picture Hunt drawings

Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Easter Clue Hunt

Here are some examples of simple clues for a younger child.

Microwave ovenClock RadioCutlery Drawer
PantryUnder bedTelephone
Laundry tubBath tubShower
Kitchen tablePianoPiano stool
FridgeSinkBook shelf
ComputerWashing MachineToilet Roll
Air conditionerFreezerGuitar
CalendarLaundry hamperClothes dryer
Tool boxCD playerVacuum cleaner
Doll houseBedroomBathroom

Click here for a printable version

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Resurrection Egg Hunt

Click here for a printable version of the Resurrection Egg Hunt story verses

Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Easter Storekeepers

Make multiple copies for each group.

The BakeryThe SupermarketThe Florist ShopThe Craft Shop
Hot Cross BunsEaster EggEaster LilliesCandles
Simnel Easter CakeChocolate BunnyDaffodilsPaint
Chocolate Hot Cross BunsA Dozen EggsChrysanthemumsGlitter
Gingerbread BunniesIcing SugarLavendarSequins
Gingerbread CrossesPlush RabbitDaisiesMaterial

Click here for a printable version of the Easter Storekeepers Commodity Cards

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Easter Treasure Hunt

Examples of Cryptic Clues (These are clues we have used in our own home and with our own family. You will need to adjust them to fit your unique situation).

    1. I'm black and make music. (piano)
    2. How do I get clean when I am dirty? (bath or shower)
    3. Now that I am clean, what about cleaning my clothes? (washing machine)
    4. I'm round and I'm black and you can jump up and down. (mini trampoline)
    5. Dirty clothes wait here. (laundry hamper)
    6. What will make me taller? (ladder)

    Medium (cryptic)
    1. Chilly! (fridge) or Frozen! (freezer)
    2. 6 strings or 12? (guitar)
    3. Is it a falcon or a hawk? (bird identification book)
    4. Sorbent (a brand of toilet roll)
    5. Where do I find out about Italy? (entry in the encyclopaedia on Italy)
    6. Overnight light (night light)

    Harder (cryptic)
    1. Not as expensive as a flute. (recorder)
    2. Adventures in Odyssey (a radio show on CD player/radio)
    3. Up and down, black and round (mini trampoline)
    4. I sit near 88 keys. (piano stool)
    5. Square eyes (television)

    Hard (cryptic)
    1. In French equals evier. (sink)
    2. The car won't start (car battery jump starter pack)
    3. 747 or 767? (airplane identification book)
    4. Less garment moisture (clothes dryer)
    5. I unfold to hold. (trestle table)
    6. Hot or cold (air conditioner)
    7. -18 degrees (freezer)
    8. Not a Golden Delicious, but close. (an Apple Mac computer)
    9. I use two plugs. (laundry sink)
    10. NOSYD (brand of vacuum cleaner spelled backwards)
    11. NTSC/PAL (DVD player)

Click here for a printable version of these Easter Treasure Hunt clues

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Decipher the Code

See clues for Easter Clue Hunt and Easter Treasure Hunt for words and phrases to use in this game.

Reverse codes:

Write out your clue (for example, "under your pillow") and then copy it backwards. This can be writing the whole message in reverse order ("wollip ruoy rednu") or write each word backwards ("rednu ruoy wollip") or use a mirror to write the letters backward.

Number codes:

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 91011121314151617181920212223242526

Example: The code for "Under bed" would be: "21-14-4-5-18 2-5-4"

Letter replacement codes:


Example: The code for "Under bed" would be: "FMWVI YVW"

Morse Code:

Put your clues into Morse Code and see how well your children can decipher the code.


Use Braille code for your clues. You could simply draw the code, or for more authenticity you could use a knitting needle to make indentations in the code. If you choose to make indentations, don't forget that you will need to mirror the code since it is reversed on the front of the page.

Pig Pen Code:

Draw a Tic-Tac_Toe grid with the first nine letters of the alphabet (A - I) in the squares. Draw another grid with the next nine letters (J - R) in the squares but with a small circle above each letter. Finally, draw another grid with the remaining letters (S - Z) and a dash over the letters. The final square of the grid is Space. Then code your clue by drawing the grid corresponding to the letter of the alphabet. (See example below.)

Pig Pen Code

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues
Name of Game: Easter Crazy Golf

Easter Crazy Golf

Example of Easter Crazy Golf Course Layout
Players putt the ball between the shoes, under the chair, zig-zag through the flower pots, around the tree, over the wooden ramp, under the swing set, through the box and into the can.

Click here for a printable version of this sample Easter Crazy Golf course layout.

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