Hunt the Slipper

Hunt the Slipper is a lively game where one of the players has to find which of the other players is holding the slipper. Acting skills come in very handy in this game.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 6 or more

Equipment: A small slipper or shoe

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To touch a cobbler while he is holding the slipper.

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A "cobbler" is a worker who repairs shoes. In Hunt the Slipper, a customer must find which cobbler is holding the slipper.

1. One player is chosen to be the customer. All of the other players are the cobblers.

2. The cobblers sit in a circle with their feet touching in the middle. They sit on the front edge of their chairs so there is room for them to pass the slipper under their legs (in step 4).

3. The customer is given the slipper. He announces that his slipper needs repairing. He gives the slipper to the cobblers and asks them to mend it. The customer walks away and returns several times asking each time if it is ready. The cobblers busily act as if they are mending the shoe but reply that they are not quite finished. Finally, they admit that they have lost the shoe.

4. At this point the cobblers start passing the slipper from one person to another under their knees. The slipper can be passed in either direction and can change direction at any time. The cobblers who don't have the slipper also pretend that they are passing it around. The customer tries to catch the cobbler who is holding the slipper by touching him or her on the shoulder.

5. When the customer finally succeeds in catching the cobbler they swap places for another turn.

Easter Variation: Use an Easter egg instead of a slipper. Instead of cobblers, you have Easter bunnies who are repairing the broken egg for the customer.

Christmas Variation: Use a wrapped Christmas present instead of a slipper. The customer is Santa Claus waiting for the elves to finish wrapping the present.

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