Pick and Cup

Pick and Cup is a fun passing game where the players have to see how quickly they can pass the objects from one end of the team to the other. Who will be the first team to win?

Age: All ages

No. of players: 10 or more

Equipment: Identical piles of various items - for example, buttons, stones, candy, fruit, coins, beans

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be the first team to transfer all its items down through the team.

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1. Preparation: You will need to collect an identical pile of items for each team.

2. Divide the players into two equal teams. They then sit down in a line beside the team leader, shoulder to shoulder, with the two teams facing each other.

3. Place a pile of items beside each leader. On the command "Go!", the leaders of each team pick up one object and drop it into the cupped hands of the next player. The third player then picks it up out of the second player's cupped hands and drops it into the cupped hands of the fourth player, and so on. (The alternating actions of picking up an object and placing it into the cupped hand of the next player gives Pick and Cup its name.) This continues until the last player in the team places the item on the floor next to them.

4. When the first item has been placed on the floor, the leader then picks up the next item and starts passing it down the line.

5. The winner is the first team to pass all the items down to the end of the line.

Easter Variation: Use various sizes of Easter eggs, or different symbols of Easter as the items. (See Resurrection Egg Hunt for a great Easter hunt that also gives information about the symbols of Easter.)

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