Rabbit Race

In the game Rabbit Race each player endeavours to flick his rabbit along a piece of string hoping to beat his opponents to the finish line. Entertaining fun for all ages.

Age: All ages

No. of players: A few at a time

Equipment: Cut out rabbits for each player; string; chairs

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To be the first player to flick his rabbit along a piece of string.

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1. Preparation: Cut out a rabbit shape from stiff cardboard for each player. (If you don't have any stiff cardboard, try gluing four sheets of plain paper together and letting it dry before you cut it to a rabbit shape.) Click here for a free printable Rabbit Race picture. Pierce a hole through the centre towards to head of the rabbit. Prepare 1.8 metre (6 foot) lengths of string and tie one end to a chair (one chair per player). Thread the rabbit through the other end of the string. Make sure the rabbit can slide easily along the string.

2. Players hold the untied end of the string at a starting point with the rabbit at their end.

3. On the word "Go" each player must wiggle the string and try to flick his rabbit towards the chair without touching the rabbit at all.

4. The winner is the player whose rabbit touches the chair first.

Variation 1: Different shaped animals can be used.

Variation 2: Turn this into a team race. When one person finishes his race he must hand the string to the next player, go and retrieve the rabbit back to the end of the string for the next player to use. All team members have a turn. The winner is the team who completes all their turns first.

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