Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Free Easter Bunny Coloring Pages with extra hints and suggestions for coloring and craft. Printable coloring pages of the Easter Bunny are freely available for you to download on this page.

Here are some more beautiful Easter bunnies for your children to enjoy coloring in. (Click here for our other coloring pages of Easter bunnies.) One of our pictures is a folding and cutting activity which will be lots of fun for your children.

Encourage your young artists to be creative and provide different mediums for them to use besides coloring pencils. Crayons, chalk, paint, watercolor pencils and texta markers are great alternatives to give your child. Click here for other ideas.

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Printable Coloring Pages: Easter Bunny

Click on the printable PDF link next to the picture of the Easter Bunny coloring pages and you will be taken to a full size picture to print out.

Easter coloring picture of Rabbit and Chick Rabbit and Chick - Rabbit and Chick are having a great time playing with an Easter egg, rolling it back and forth between them. I wonder what other animals are watching them. Can you draw some other animals that would like to play with them?

Suggestions for coloring "Rabbit and Chick": Color in the rabbit, the chick and the egg, and then draw and color other animals that would like to come and play. You might like to draw a kitten, puppy, snail, kangaroo joey, and any other baby animals you like. Cut some green crepe paper into tiny squares. Crumple them up and stick onto your picture to make some grass. Crumple squares of brown crepe paper and make some rocks for the animals to hide near.

Easter coloring picture of Reggie Rabbit Reggie Rabbit - Reggie Rabbit has a gift! He spent ages decorating his Easter egg and would like you to color it is beautiful, bright colors. Reggie could do with a bit of color himself.

Suggestions for coloring "Reggie Rabbit": Outline Reggie Rabbit with texta marker pens before coloring him in with colored pencils. You might like to cut the picture of Reggie out and pin him on your noticeboard.

Coloring picture of Here Comes the Easter Bunny Here Comes the Easter Bunny - Here is a fun cutting activity for you to try. Follow the instructions very carefully.

Instructions for "Here Comes the Easter Bunny":
1. Print the page.
2. Fold the page in half on the fold line.
3. Cut around the outline of the bunny on the folded paper.
4. Open up the folded page and you should have a rabbit shape.
5. Draw the other half of the bunny's face, whiskers ears, paws, etc.
6. Glue a cotton ball on the reverse side for the bunny's tail.

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