Religious Easter Coloring Page

A Religious Easter Coloring Page with pictures that will draw your attention to the true meaning of Easter.

The whole focus of our Easter celebration is to have an annual reminder of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ which took place around two thousand years ago. Jesus Christ died so that everyone who puts their trust in Him will receive new life and will live eternally with Him.

The beautiful symbols of Easter that we enjoy - bunnies, eggs, hot cross buns, flowers - all point to the new life that is available to us. Sometimes though, we need a reminder of Christ's death and what He actually endured on our behalf when He took our sin upon Himself and sacrificed His life for us.

The pictures that we have chosen for this page reflect the far more serious side of Easter - the Cross and the suffering that it represents. Click here if you would like to know more about the story and significance of Easter

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Click on the printable PDF link next to the picture and you will be taken to a full size picture to print out.

The Cross picture 1 The Cross Picture 1 Here is a simple picture of a cross which can be used on its own or with any Easter lesson.

Suggestions for coloring "The Cross Picture 1":
1. Use various shades or tones of brown or grey to color in this picture.
2. Collect small pieces of soft bark and glue onto the picture.

The Cross picture 2 The Cross Picture 2 Here is the same picture but we've added the first line from the famous hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross".

Suggestions for coloring "The Cross Picture 2":
1. Use the suggestions from the first picture.
2. Color with watercolor pencils and paint over it with a wet, thin paintbrush to give a painted effect.
3. Crumple small squares of brown or grey tissue paper or crepe paper and glue onto the picture.
4. Use small pieces of sponge, dip them in paint, and dab onto the cross to paint it.

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